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Bellevue Trap Team

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Bellevue Trap Team

The Trapshooting program held at the Bellevue Rod and Gun Club begins each year in late January with recruiting and registration.  The season ends with the culmination of the Cornhusker State Trap Shoot in Doniphan, Nebraska, in May.  This program allows eligible participants the opportunity to compete regardless of experience or skill level.  

Shooters are categorized into two groups.  Students in grades 7 and 8 are considered Middle School.  Students in grades 9 - 12 are High School.  Shooters will be limited to students who are enrolled in and attending the following Bellevue Public Schools: Bellevue East, Bellevue West, Logan, Mission, and Lewis & Clark.  All shooters must be in good academic standing with their school. (Good academic standing is the same as any other school sport).

Objective:  To assist youth in learning the importance of firearm safety, academic achievements, sportsmanship, team building, responsibility, and safety for themselves and others. 

Bellevue Public Schools is a not affiliated with the trap shooting program.  The trap shooting program is considered a non-sanctioned extracurricular activity.  Although the school must take this stand due to their legal liability limitations; the schools allow for announcements, gathering of academic information, and permit the issuance of activity letters.

Commitment:  Practice typically starts in late January and are held on successive Sundays through March at the Bellevue Rod and Gun Club  (weather permitting).  Shooters are encouraged to attend all practices as Sunday practices typically end in March when ECTC starts.   ECTC (Eastern Cornhusker Trap Conference) holds a total of 6 tournaments starting in March and all successive Saturdays til the Cornhusker State Shoot in early May.  Shooters must attend a minimum of three ECTC events.  The Nebraska Cornhusker State Junior Trap Shoot will be held at Doniphan, Nebraska, over a 3 day period. in early May.  Thursday is reserved for Middle School.   All Senior High students shoot over a two period (Friday and Saturday). 

SPONSER/PARENT and SHOOTERS:  During practices, Senior High Shooters will be asked to help with loading the traps along with set up and tear down.  This is mandatory.  Parents are requested to assist with the scoring at practice and at the state shoot.  If the shooter or sponsor does not know how to keep score, we will have several score keeping workshops. 


There are no paid participants in our program.   Thus, the success of this program and your shooter depends on sponsor/ parents willingness to be involved along with the supported and generosity of the volunteers.  

All shooters must have a valid Hunter Education Certificate prior to the 1st ECTC shoot.  This class is available through Nebraska Game and Parks.  The class is also available through the Bellevue Rod and Gun Club (contact us for details).

Estimated Costs

Initial Cost:  $25 non-refundable registration fee: 

Practice.  $5 per practice.  Provide your own shells (100 per Senior High, 50 for Middle School).

            ECTC events:  Last year’s fees were:  High School $24 and Middle School $12.  Provide your own shells (100 for Seniors and 50 for Middle school).  Shooters must attend a minimum of three ECTC events. 

            Nebraska Cornhusker State Trap Shoot:   Last year’s fees were:   High school $31.50 and middle school $21.  Provide your own shells (150 for Senior and 100 for Middle School).  Attendance is mandatory for all shooters..

A 12 gauge shotgun.  A 20 gauge is acceptable; however, this places the shooter at a disadvantage.  20 gauge shells are also more expensive.

Shells:  Estimate the # of shells you will need.  A case of shells (250) is typically $57 - $85 . Shells are available for sale at the club at a very reasonable price.  Because a specific type of shotgun shell is required, we recommend all new shooters purchase shells from the club.

Mandatory eye and ear protection is required (by the BR&GC and the ATA).

A SHELL BAG and BELT ARE MANDATORY, to hold spent shells.  Shooters are NOT ALLOWED to discard spent shells on the ground. 

For shooters using a semi-auto shotgun, a shell catcher is mandatory.

New shooters:  Please do not spend a lot of money for any of the above items. If you or your parents do not own a shotgun, perhaps one can be found to borrow. There is no need to spend a great deal of money until you decide that you really like the sport, and it is affordable.  If you must purchase a gun prior to practice sessions (or decide to purchase during the season), contact a BR&GC coach for specifications,  ALL 12 GAUGE SHOTGUNS ARE NOT BUILT FOR TRAPSHOOTING.

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